Manage Crisis, Business Continuity, and Disaster Recovery Events in One Comprehensive System

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What is Playbooc?

Playbooc is a cloud based centralized crisis and critical event management application that helps organizations manage and coordinate all response activities in one simple solution. 

Playbooc can be used for crisis management, business continuity, disaster recovery, training, and even general task-based events. 

  • Create custom playbooks (a.k.a. checklists) with action items and assign to individuals or groups. 
  • When a crisis or incident occurs, you can easily activate playbooks to create events. When events are created, all individuals and groups are automatically notified of the event and can start executing action items. 
  • Teams are engaged with real time notifications via SMS, email, and push notifications when the event is modified. 
  • Utilize the built-in chat feature to engage the team for communication that requires clarification.
  • Upload documents or images directly from the tool or mobile app.
  • Map events by pinning locations.
  • And much more…

Key Features

Create Playbooks

Create playbooks for events such as wildfires, hurricanes, Covid19, cyber events, office closures, and more...

Map Events

Easily search and map events by pinning locations.

Activate Events

When playbooks are activated, an event is created. Organizations can manage events in Playbooc or mobile app.

Built in Chat

Playbooc allows users to chat with teams for quick and easy communication during an event.

Assign Users to Tasks

Playbooc allows organizations to assign individual users or groups to action items and track the status of actionitems.

Upload Documents

Users can upload documents and images to an event. Simply snap a photo from your mobile or upload a file.

Real Time Notifications

When there is any activity in an event, all users are notified in real time by SMS, email, or push notifications.

Mobile App

Easily manage events on the go with our native mobile app on IOS and Android.

Want to see Playbooc in action?

Want to see Playbooc in action?