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Business Continuity Software has never been easier to use! ContinuityPRO®, a leading business continuity software tool, was developed to not only create business continuity and disaster recovery plans, but also to help satisfy regulatory requirements.  This web-based business continuity software allows businesses to have all of their recovery information located in one easy to use tool.

ContinuityPRO® allows you to manage your business continuity program by performing a risk assessment, a business impact analysis, develop unlimited plans, maintain and test your plan, and manage incidents all within one toolset.  With our unlimited user plan and easy plug and play installation, you can be up and running your business continuity software in no time.

Take a look at our key features and see why so many people prefer ContinuityPRO®

Easy to use. Seriously… very easy to use.

Our main priority is Ease-Of -Use. Best of all, you don’t have to be tech savvy to use ContinuityPRO®.  If you can browse the web, you can use our tool. We guarantee to be the most easy to use BCP software in the market.

Unlimited Users.

We are changing the game.  There is no longer the need to pay extra for additional users. Whether you have 5 users or 100 we will leave it up to you! ContinuityPRO® makes it easy to manage users by assigning permissions, creating roles, and much more.

100% Web Based. No hardware, installation or maintenance required.

All you need is your web browser to create, manage and analyze your business continuity plans any time and from anywhere.  Our SaaS platform allows flexibility and peace of mind hosted in a SSAE16 Certified Data Center.

Build Plans Easily.

Easily create and maintain plans.  Plans can be created from scratch or you may use our pre loaded templates. The choice is yours. No limits, build unlimited plans.

Risk Assessment. Risk Management.

Assess technical, natural, and human threats. ContinuityPRO® comes equipped with pre loaded threats and also allows you to customize your own. By rating specific categories a score is calculated using our risk formula.  The score will display threats from high to low allowing you to prioritize strategies and define controls.

Business Impact Analysis.

ContinuityPRO® is equipped with a robust business impact analysis component. You can build your own business impact analysis survey or use our pre populated expert questions.  With our BIA design feature, you can easily customize questions to fit the needs of your organization.

Call Lists.

Communication is vital in a disaster situation.  Our drag and drop functionality lets you easily create call lists to have the contact information you need at your finger tips.

Dependency Mapping.

Need to know which functions are dependent on specific resources?  No problem.  Similar to creating call chains, our drag and drop feature is also used to create simple dependency lists.


You can run professional reports or export data to share with your team. ContinuityPRO® is loaded with standard reports, but if you prefer you can easily link third party reporting tools as well.  Need a specific report?  No problem.  We all know that custom reporting tools can be difficult to use, that is why we offer free report creation by our expert staff. Yes, you read that right. Free.

Document Management.

Simply upload and store your documents for quick and easy retrieval from anywhere with an internet connection.  Store policies and procedures, vital records or any document that may be useful in the event your hard copy files are not accessible.

Incident Management.

Our incident management feature allows you to track incidents in a central location.  Simply document and monitor incidents as they occur.  Assign tasks, upload related documents to an incident, and much more.

Log Testing & Training Tasks.

ContinuityPRO® allows users to log testing and training tasks.  Whether you need to print a report for management or for an examiner this neat feature will help you log, view, and follow up on testing and training tasks.


Whether you face internal or external examinations, ContinuityPRO® follows best practice standards for Business Continuity Planning to help meet regulatory requirements.

We are Mobile. Access plans on the fly.

ContinuityPRO® allows you to view plans on the go on your smartphone or tablet.

Customer Service.

You are our priority and we will be there every step of the way to help when you need it.  Whether it is questions on how to add a record or software enhancement requests. We are here for you…count on it!

To learn more, visit or call 888-907-9902 to speak to a Continuity Innovations representative


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