The Call Chain Test- Why every company should conduct this test

“The Call Chain Test”

When was the last time you conducted a Call Chain or Call Cascade Test?

The ability to communicate with your staff during an emergency is critical. The Call Chain/Cascade Test is one of the easiest exercises to conduct and provides valuable results. The purpose of the Call Chain Test is to ensure that it is possible to contact your staff in the event of an incident or emergency.  We recommend that a Call Chain Test be conducted annually to ensure that all of your employees contact information is accurate.

Below are some tips on how to conduct a Call Chain Test.

  • Make it Fun! When calling your employees, pass on a message like…”tomorrow is jeans day”, or wear your “favorite football jersey”.  The staff who got the message are rewarded, and those who couldn’t be reached will definitely ensure to update their info so they don’t miss out the next time!
  • Prepare ahead of time.
  • Most importantly, please make sure the message recipient knows that this is a “test” and not an actual emergency.
  • Prepare a call log and notate any findings or improvements needed.
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