Business Continuity Exercises and Testing

Prepared Not UnpreparedYou’ve developed a Business Continuity Plan (BCP), but how can you be sure your company is ready to face the unexpected? It’s simple: by regularly testing — or exercising — your plan. We here at Continuity Innovations can help you develop a custom testing program to ensure your bases are covered.

What is a Test ?    

Unlike the tests you took in school, these are not pass/fail tests. At Continuity Innovations, we’ll help your team implement effective evaluations to ensure a stronger BCP. Our precise methods will reveal:

  • Weaknesses in your BCP/DRP
  • Areas that need more preparation
  • Suggestions and recommendations on how to improve your BCP   

Why Test?

Testing with Continuity Innovations can help you achieve peace of mind. Guided by our experienced team, a thorough evaluation will not only dictate BCP updates, but also boost confidence in how your team will react when that planned-for scenario suddenly becomes a reality.  A test should:

  • Ensure the sufficiency and accuracy of your  business recovery plan, while exposing ways to enhance it
  • Provide a mechanism to adhere to standard industry practices for updating and maintaining a current BCP
  • Help you face auditors with confidence
  • Build trust  in your organization to protect its staff, reputation and assets
  • Determine the practicality and compatibility of back-up facilities and procedures
  • Train and evaluate team managers and staff

We offer many different types of testing services.  From table tops to full scale.  For more information on how Continuity Innovations can put your team’s BCP to the test, call 888-907-9902.


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