Business Impact Analysis

What is a Business Impact Analysis (BIA)?

The Business Impact Analysis (BIA) is one of the most important steps in the business continuity planning process. In a nutshell, the BIA is a methodical process used to analyze the impact to an organizations daily operations.  It is also used to help an organization with the assessment and prioritization of business functions and processes.

The BIA is used to:

  • Identify critical business functions/processes
  • Assess qualitative and quantitative impacts, such as financial, operations, regulatory, legal, etc.
  • Identify dependencies of critical functions and their work flow analysis
  • Define Recovery Time Objectives (RTO), Recovery Point Objectives (RPO) and Maximum Allowable Downtime (MAD) also referred to as Maximum Tolerable Period of Downtime (MTPD)
  • Identify Required Resources (staff, space, workstations, special equipment, vital records)

How is a BIA conducted?

The Business Impact Analysis can be completed in many ways.  Data can be gathered by:

  • Questionnaires
  • One on one interviews
  • Group sessions

Our business continuity planning professionals will help guide you in the right direction in choosing the best method for you!  To begin creating a comprehensive Business Impact Analysis for your company, contact us at 888-907-9902 today!

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